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⦅STN v2.7.004⦆ FEB 26th | Balancing & Bugfixes (Update Day #2)
2 hours ago


We just did some balancing and bugfixes, heres what we did:

⦅STN v2.7⦆ FEB 25th | The Spells & Early Game Update
1 day ago


Today we are finally updating SurviveTheNight to a whole new version: 2.7!
This update was supposed to be a rather small update including a quest revamp and some balancing, it turns out to be one of the biggest update we've ever done though!

⦅STN v2.6.126⦆ JAN 3rd | Bankend Changes: Aftermath
about 1 month ago

Hello everyone!

The emergency maintenance will shortly be over and we are slowly allowing players to join again, starting off with players who got a rank.

I will go a little bit more ...

⦅STN v2.6.118⦆ JAN 2nd | Player Rewards and Backend Changes
about 1 month ago


The maintenance on SurviveTheNight is now done, here's what we did:


⦅STN v2.6.100⦆ DEC 17th | Bestiary, Calendar and more!
2 months ago


Today we rolled another update to STN, let's go through it!

Quick information: This update was supposed to be an early game revamp including a new combat area,...

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