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Devlog #1 - Items
about 1 month ago


This is the first devlog! In this thread I will talk about our items system, what we have changed and how this may improve future development.

The Backend Changes - A short update
about 1 month ago


This is a thread regarding the current maintenance and backend changes.
While STN is down I thought I'd give you something to read about STN and the current backend situation since it's offline right now!

⦅STN v2.7.016⦆ MAR 7th | Bugfixes
3 months ago

Hello everyone!


⦅STN v2.7.015⦆ MAR 6th | Guilds & Balancing
3 months ago


We just rolled a new update to STN:


⦅STN v2.7.011⦆ MAR 3rd | Small Communication & Security Update
4 months ago

Hello everyone!

Over the past few days we received a bunch of bugreports, however sometimes we didn't get the necessary information we need to identify, replicate and fix the reported issues.

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