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⦅STN v2.6.028⦆ NOV 26th | Balancing Patch #1
13 days ago


We have added some things to the game making it more fun to play :D

Dungeon Gate Area
The Dungeon Gate area has finally been added to the game.

Instead of just having the Dungeon Guard sitting at the spawn he now has his own little area for him and his little dungeon loot orb.
Aswell as the chest, he also found a new friend: The Master - a brand-new fast traveling spot!
The Master is by far the most expensive stickman as of right now!

The Dungeon Guard now also has a new questline! He wants you to complete a dungeon in order to give you some STN-Experience and 500 G...

⦅STN v2.6.017⦆ NOV 24th | Follow-up Patch #4
15 days ago


This update's changes:

  • Bank Page 4 Price has been reduced: 64x Compact Gold -> 8x Compact Gold
  • Bank Page 5 Price has been reduced: 256x Compact Gold -> 32x Compact Gold
  • The Cave Defender's trade prices have been reworked
    • You were able to dupe with it due to incorrect trade calculations. This has been fixed now and items such as Iron Bolts are worth much more than before. We will see how easy mob drops are to obtain now and maybe increase mob drop costs in some recipes or make items like iron bolts a little bit harder to obtain (as they can be dropped very commonly from Overgrown Golems).
⦅STN v2.6.014⦆ NOV 20th | Follow-up Patch #3
19 days ago

We just released a new little update to SurviveTheNight!


  • Emerald Collection III now has a new recipe: Perfectly-Tuned Disc!
    A brand-new amulet which makes grinding malachite and mining in general alot easier!
  • Added a Mode-Preview to the forge
    • Forging modes will give you the recipe instead of the actual item. The recipe-item itself only shows the itemname in its tool...
⦅STN v2.6.010⦆ NOV 13th | Follow-up Patch #2
26 days ago

Hello everyone!

Just a quick note on the game update we just rolled:

  • Fixed the following Boss Monsters not counting towards daily quests:
    • Obsidianized Drakgoo
    • Not Spruce Tree
    • Overgrown Golem
  • Made the Ore-plated Set cheaper: Changed the amount of Ore-plated Cobblestone required for the full set from 24 -> 12
  • Reduced the Storage level requirement from STN Level 5 -> STN Level 2
    • This change applies to both: The dungeons AND the main lobby!
  • Made the bank storage pages alot cheaper:
    • Page 1: 5,000 Gold -> 1,0...
⦅STN v2.6.006⦆ NOV 12th | Follow-up Patch #1
27 days ago

Hello everyone,

over the past 24h we rolled some gameupdates with some interesting changes/patches:

  • Fixed Dungeon Chest cost being displayed incorrectly
  • Made Dungeon Chests alot cheaper (85% -> 20%)
  • Fixed an issue in the recipe of the Red-Colored Redstone Helmet
  • Made the Ore-plated set much cheaper
    • It now requires 2 Oreplated Cobblestone per slot instead of 4
  • Changed the way damage leaderboards for bosses work
    • Previously they sometimes showed a player twice if they disconnected, reconnected and damaged again. That hopefully should be patched now.
    • If you expe...

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