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⦅STN v2.6.006⦆ NOV 12th | Follow-up Patch #1
Started by zProxxy



07 Feb 2023
Last Seen
17 Jun 2024

Hello everyone,

over the past 24h we rolled some gameupdates with some interesting changes/patches:

  • Fixed Dungeon Chest cost being displayed incorrectly
  • Made Dungeon Chests alot cheaper (85% -> 20%)
  • Fixed an issue in the recipe of the Red-Colored Redstone Helmet
  • Made the Ore-plated set much cheaper
    • It now requires 2 Oreplated Cobblestone per slot instead of 4
  • Changed the way damage leaderboards for bosses work
    • Previously they sometimes showed a player twice if they disconnected, reconnected and damaged again. That hopefully should be patched now.
    • If you experience any other issues with the leaderboards please create a bugreport using /bugreport or using the section on our discord!
  • Added titles to rare boss loot
    • If you drop something cool it now shows it on your entire screen so you dont miss it!
  • Fixed the forge sometimes wanting more items than it showed
  • Fixed some issues with dungeon NPCs
  • Fixed NPCs not showing their armor/item in hand

Thats it!
Thanks for all the bugreports and please keep considering using /bugreport if you find any!

Hopefully playing will now be even more enjoyable!

zProxxy · 7 months ago