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⦅STN v2.6.014⦆ NOV 20th | Follow-up Patch #3
Started by zProxxy



07 Feb 2023
Last Seen
03 May 2024

We just released a new little update to SurviveTheNight!


  • Emerald Collection III now has a new recipe: Perfectly-Tuned Disc!
    A brand-new amulet which makes grinding malachite and mining in general alot easier!
  • Added a Mode-Preview to the forge
    • Forging modes will give you the recipe instead of the actual item. The recipe-item itself only shows the itemname in its tooltips and not the description.
      Basically if you didn't know the items it was impossible to know what exactly the mode does.
      The mode preview now shows you the exact buff for your pickaxe.
  • Some questlines now reward you with gold when completing them:
    • Starter NPCs: 5 Gold
    • Forger Leander: 50 Gold
    • The Banker: 100 Gold
    • Professor Brian: 300 Gold
    • Saliva's Brother: 250 Gold
    • Rogue: 25 Gold
  • The Crazy Miner Questline now gives you some additional Digging Speed when giving him the requested ores:
    • Per donation: +20 Digging Speed
  • Magical Fish:
    The Magical Fish has been reworked. It now is alot stronger and offers a new unique perk:
    • Perk Buff:
      • Experience Buff from Daily Quests has been increased from 10% to 20%
      • Amplification-Stat Buff has been increased from 5% to 15%
      • Daily Gems Buff has been increased from 5% to 10%
      • You may now drop rare unique loot from monsters when having the fish buff!
  • Another new amulet has been added to make some rarely used items a little bit more useful:

Balancing Changes:

  • The Forge:
    Most of the item costs for forging items has not been changed since Mining v1 meaning that the forge wanted alot of now extremely hard to obtain items for a slight buff.
    Most of the itemcosts have been reworked and are more balanced and easier to obtain.
    • Efficiency 4 Book:
      • 256x Iron Block -> 128x Iron Block
      • 256x Emerald Block -> 96x Emerald Block
      • 256x Raw Tannie -> 32x Raw Tannie
    • Efficiency 5 Book:
      • 512x Lapis Block -> 128x Lapis Block
      • 512x Raw Boxinite -> 1x Compact Boxinite
      • 512x Raw Raxite -> 1x Compact Raxite
    • Pickaxer 500:
      • 128x Redstone Block -> 64x Redstone Block
      • 192x Obsidian -> 80x Obsidian
    • Pickaxer 600:
      • 256x Lapis Block -> 128x Lapis Block
      • 192x DIamond Block -> 100x Diamond Block
    • Pickaxer 700:
      • 64x Raw Raxite -> 16x Raw Raxite
      • 256x Raw Tannie -> 1x Compact Tannie
    • Ferric Enricher:
      • 256x Iron Ingot -> 128x Iron Ingot
      • 256x Growing Ore -> 128x Growing Ore
      • 256x Diamond -> 128x Diamond
    • Compact Diamond:
      • 512x Lapis Block -> 256x Lapis Block
      • 512x Diamond Block -> 256x Diamond Block
    • Double Drop Modifier:
      • 256x Raw Tannie -> 1x Compact Tannie
      • 256x Diamond Block -> 16x Corrupted Diamond
  • Buffed the Pickaxers 100-700 to now give +70 Digging Speed each rather than 50
  • Mining Skill Level now give +3 Digging Speed instead of 1
  • Digging Speed Potion:
    • Duration: 90s -> 3min
    • Buff: 300 Digging Speed -> 400 Digging Speed
  • Magician Apprentice Set:
    • Each piece of the set now give an extra 5 damage aswell as magic damage
  • Combat Amplification Set & Mining Amplification Set:
    • Buffed the Amplification Buff from 20% to 35% for each piece

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed the Dungeon Score being calculated incorrectly
    • (It should now be possible to reach S-Score again!)
  • Fixed the Pickaxers showing the total instead of individual digging speed added to the pickaxe in their tooltips
  • Fixed the Basic Trader showing an incorrect price for the Wooden Sword
  • Fixed a dungeon duplication glitch

Thats it!
I am aware of more bugs existing, I just don't have too much time fixing them as I am ill :D
Enjoy mining!

zProxxy · 6 months ago