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⦅STN v2.6.017⦆ NOV 24th | Follow-up Patch #4
Started by zProxxy



07 Feb 2023
Last Seen
26 Feb 2024


This update's changes:

  • Bank Page 4 Price has been reduced: 64x Compact Gold -> 8x Compact Gold
  • Bank Page 5 Price has been reduced: 256x Compact Gold -> 32x Compact Gold
  • The Cave Defender's trade prices have been reworked
    • You were able to dupe with it due to incorrect trade calculations. This has been fixed now and items such as Iron Bolts are worth much more than before. We will see how easy mob drops are to obtain now and maybe increase mob drop costs in some recipes or make items like iron bolts a little bit harder to obtain (as they can be dropped very commonly from Overgrown Golems).
  • Reworked colors in /friend list
    • It is now much easier to see which friends are offline and which are online playing on certain servers
  • Added a dynamic score calculation to dungeons
    • The Score calculation assumes that you are completing the run and defeating the boss.
      In case you die your score will be different to what it shows in the scoreboard during the run (That is because score is being calculated in a different way if you lose)
    • The Score also is 100% accurate, it updates every second depending on what you're doing. Keep in mind tho that you lose 1 score every 20s into the run, so don't worry if its going down mid-run, that is intended and part of our score calculation!
  • The Dungeon Score required for S has been reduced: 390 -> 385
  • Fixed the Exp-Menu not detecting a completed Lucián questline
zProxxy · 3 months ago · Last edited: 3 months ago