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⦅STN v2.7.009⦆ MAR 2nd | Balancing & Bugfixes (Update Day #6)
Started by zProxxy



07 Feb 2023
Last Seen
20 Apr 2024

Hello everyone!


  • Changes to Not Spruce Tree:
    • Changed Spawn Points required: 1,250 -> 1,000
    • Added some new drops to Not Spruce Tree:
      • Healthy Wolf
      • Omega Branch (They also count for 6 Not Spruce Tree's Tree Branch collection when dropped)
    • The server now does reboot after 5min when the tree has more than 75% of the required points to spawn
  • Updated Combat Fortune in the Stats Overview menu:
    • Added the line: "Boss Loot is not affected!"
  • Dropped items no longer merge with others
  • Creeper-dyed Flesh now has a smaller range: 20 blocks -> 12 blocks
  • Compacted Toxic Spider price got changed: 10 Moody Cryochunk -> 7 Moody Cryochunk
  • Colored Steel Armor's Full Set Bonus got changed to be a 2-Piece Bonus
  • The item "Inverted Ciraga" got changed to an enchanted brown mushroom
  • Slightly decreased Ender spawnchances again
  • Not Spruce Tree's loot is now announced to the entire lobby rather than just players in the forest
  • Fixed modified Heat-resistant Ash Crackers not working
  • Creatures no longer drown
  • Fixed Saliva's Quest Mobs not counting towards bestiary
  • Fixed Croox Boundary exploding and damaging the map/boss


zProxxy · about 1 month ago