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⦅STN v2.7.015⦆ MAR 6th | Guilds & Balancing
Started by zProxxy



07 Feb 2023
Last Seen
26 Jun 2024


We just rolled a new update to STN:


You want to team up with some friends? Sure! Go ahead and create a guild!

You may now create a guild using /guild!
Creating a guild requires atleast the MVP Rank!

Guilds may have up to 25 players!

Guilds feature many features:

  • Guild Tags
  • Guild Ranks
  • Guild Chat & Join/Leave messages
  • Guild Invites
  • ... and much more!

Other changes:

  • Added a 2-Piece-Bonus to Crazy Mining Set
  • Buffed Ash Master Armor:
    • 2-Piece-Bonus: 1% -> 2-Piece-Bonus: 0.5% for each piece worn
    • 20% Double Drop -> 33% Double Drop
  • Ores now should not get stuck in blocks anymore when mined
  • Fixed collection T4 rewards sometimes showing incorrect reward data
  • Fixed sometimes having a 0 Spruce Itemstack from Boss Loot
  • Fixed teleportation out of wall not working for some mining mobs
  • Fixed Inverted Burnt Ashes visually glitching when spawning multiple in the same spot

That's it!


zProxxy · 4 months ago · Last edited: 4 months ago