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⦅STN v2.4⦆ 04. FEB | Player Stats, New Game Code and more!
Started by zProxxy



07 Feb 2023
Last Seen
26 Feb 2024

Hello everyone!
This is a pretty small update for you but a huge one for us as we changed the entire game-code!
(Thats why this update updated the servers to a whole new game version but this changelog looks like a base changelog!)

In order to start working on the Spells-Update we had to change a bunch of code and with it we added a bunch of new features and abilities!
Unfortunately changing most parts of the code was vital in order to start working on the Spells-Update.
And as you might have guessed, changing code always means it contains new bugs!

If you find any bugs in STN 2.4+ please report them in our new Bugreport-Forum section!

Things we have added:

  • Added the ability to kill mobs with nuke and magic damage!
  • Officially added Nuke and Magic Damage to the game
  • Added new animations to weakened mobs, Shadow Defenders and Summoners
  • Added new admin commands to make testing much easier
  • Replaced your health with your teammates health in the Duo-Scoreboards
  • Added Stat-Symbols for every stat in the game:
    • ⚔ - Damage
    • Ӂ - Magic Damage
    • - Explosion Damage
    • ⚛ - Defense
    • ❤ - Health
      (We added those to make item descriptions look alot cleaner + we can now save alot of space on item descriptions by just using icons instead of the whole name)

Things we have changed:

  • Completely reworked the game-code
  • Changed the nuke cooldown being a global cooldown instead of just for one player
  • Lowered every mobs health
  • Changed alot of messages
  • Changed boss messages
  • Changed alot of sounds and titles
  • Changed the way damage is displayed when hitting a mob
  • Removed (Rightclick to pickup!) messages in chat, whenever you drop something
  • Changed Antique Booster lore to be easier to understand

Things we have fixed (oh god this list is gonna be long):

  • Fixed Armor Sets ignoring the 2-Piece-Bonus (always giving the stat boosts)
  • Fixed everyone getting the sounds when someone used the Absorber
  • Fixed the Soul Armor only working for one player in duo mode
  • Fixed the weather cycle on the server
  • Fixed some mobs not being able to spawn
  • Fixed players being able to hit eachother
  • Fixed not being able to kill any mob
  • Fixed the Summoner Kill Animation
  • Fixed Chests not generating items when first opened
  • Fixed mobs spawning in extremely late when opening new rooms
  • Fixed ALOT of bugs with the Horror-Zombie
  • Fixed Salivas-Ghost-Quest DPS-Mobs not despawning
  • Fixed being able to hit and kill Skeletons in the Salivas-Ghost-Quest room
  • Fixed Slime Orb being invisible when finishing the 2nd Ghost Quest
  • Fixed Absorber only dealing between 4 and 12 magic damage
  • Fixed Amulets giving 2x their strength instead of 1x strength and 1x defense
  • Fixed some mob drops dropping too often
  • Fixed Amulet effects stacking
  • Fixed RNG Improver decreasing the key chance instead of increasing
  • Fixed Mob Defense not working on Tank-Mobs
  • Fixed some sounds not being played
  • Fixed being able to kill boss-mobs without them glitching the game
  • Fixed Boss-Horror still holding the eye in its hand when cancelling the attack
  • Fixed the Boss-Bar not being displayed
  • Fixed the Blooddrop always showing the buff for player 1 in Duo mode
  • Fixed some animation issues
  • Fixed not being able to hit Soul-Slimes
  • Fixed being able to move around the Compact Slime Crystal in your inventory
  • Fixed being able to kill Ghost-Quest DPS-Mobs
  • Fixed mobs not respawning in rooms
  • Fixed an issue where Young Zombies would count as Tank-Mobs

Okay, thats it for today.

As I said alot of things have changed on our side but still a few things changed on your side aswell!
Hopefully most of the bugs are fixed now, if not considering reporting them in the Bugreport-Section in the forums!

Hopefully you like the new design and features of this update as they're included in the Spells-Update

zProxxy · about 1 year ago · Last edited: about 1 year ago