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⦅STN v2.5.009⦆ 20. AUG | Follow-up patch 1
Started by zProxxy



07 Feb 2023
Last Seen
26 Feb 2024

Hello everyone,

we received alot of feedback, bugreports and much more from you guys within the past 24h!
Thanks so much for testing!

This is the first follow-up patch, there will most likely be more as not all bugreports have been fixed yet.

  • Changed the Demolished Axe recipe to only use 4 Bridge Fragments but instead requires a new item
  • Changed some dropchances for items from several mobs
  • Nerfed the Not Spruce Tree's Treebranch Damage from 4 -> 2.5
  • Added a new guaranteed drop from Not Spruce Tree
  • Changed the Mining Requirement for Dungeons from 17 -> 15 (Abt 33% less skill exp required)
  • The Not Spruce Tree now has a time limit, it will despawn after 15min
  • Fixed a dupe with the forger
  • Halved the forgetime of ALL items (does not update the time when you started forging an item already)
  • Fixed some recipes showing the wrong items
  • Added non mining-related items to some forge recipes
  • Switched item requirements and forgetime of Double Drop Perk and Long Arm Perk
  • Bonnie now asks for much less Barkless Birch Logs for her bridge

Thanks for testing and hopefully this update makes playing the game a little bit more fun!
We will be adding more items and more QOL Features soon.

zProxxy · 6 months ago