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⦅STN v2.5.020⦆ 22. AUG | Follow-up patch 2
Started by zProxxy



07 Feb 2023
Last Seen
17 Jun 2024

Hello everyone,

today we're releasing the second big patch of this alpha testing phase.
We received a bunch of bugreports and suggestions from you.

Here is the list of today's QOL changes and bugfixes:

  • Added the Debarker, which makes Barkless wood easier to get in the late game
  • Added a new starter Questline, which makes it easier to understand on how to get into STN properly
  • Bonnie is now contributing towards the Jungle Bridge
  • Added Stats-Overview from Dungeons to main lobby (It now shows defense/damage above your hotbar)
  • Added /playtime
  • Fixed a bunch of wipes (Forge, Amulet Bag, Recipes etc.)
  • Changed the way Bridge Remnant Drops work
  • Changed the amount of items requested from Quest NPCs:
    • Banker now asks for 8 Gold Ingots instead of 64
    • Lucián now asks for 16 Barkless Birch Log instead of 32
      • (This should make getting into the game a little bit more fun)
  • Nerfed Absorber Range:
    • 40 -> 20 Blocks outside of dungeons
    • 40 -> 30 Blocks inside of dungeons
  • Fixed the following dungeon amulets:
    • Rotten Heart now has a 33% chance to heal 0.5 hearts whenever you kill an enemy (Outside of dungeons)
    • Golden Cube now gives 1 Gold every 5min
  • Changed several dungeon drop descriptions
  • Nerfed Blooddrop's Thick Blood ability:
    • Grants 1 Damage every 15 Defense -> Grants 1 Damage every 30 Defense
  • Nerfed Soul Armor and Slime Armor's Power of Souls/Slime, Slime, Slime-Perks:
    • Soul Helmet: 40 Damage -> 13 Damage
    • Soul Chestplate: 60 Damage -> 20 Damage
    • Soul Leggings: 50 Damage -> 16 Damage
    • Soul Boots: 30 Damage -> 10 Damage
    • Slime Helmet: 20 Defense -> 15 Defense
    • Slime Chestplate: 30 Defense -> 25 Defense
    • Slime Leggings: 25 Defense -> 20 Defense
    • Slime Boots: 15 Defense -> 10 Defense
  • Fixed having to talk to Bonnie again every time a server reboots
  • Blacklisted the STN-Menu, you shouldn't have more than one in your inventory anymore
  • Buffed Compressed Wood Axe with Efficiency 4 as a base enchant (So it can keep up with the speed of the Demolished Axe)
  • Made the Compressed Wood Axe recipe much more expensive
  • Decreased the Shop Menu Cooldown from 2s -> 0.25s
  • Fixed not showing Dungeon unlock message after hitting mining 15
  • Added an AFK-Kicker
  • Fixed dying to the void after suffocating
  • Fixed a bunch of typos in quest dialogues
  • Hopefully fixed the Knight teleporting you back into the boss room after failing the run
  • Changed Dungeon Queue: It now attempts atleast 2x sending you to a server before giving up
  • Added a 30s cooldown to the Dungeon Queue after failing to find a server
  • Fixed the Dungeon Queue not checking the requirements of the party member (This allowed players to warp other players without the dungeon requirements into dungeons)
  • Servers are tracking more data (Such as how many Jungle Zombies you've killed)
  • Some backend changes

As always we would like to thank you for playtesting alot recently.
Since our servers have been tracking alot of data, we will be able to show you some of the global statistics after the testing.

If you find any bugs, please use /bugreport or join the Discord.

If you don't like any of these changes or have some better ideas, use the Suggestions-Channel in the Discord!

zProxxy · 10 months ago