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⦅STN v2.6⦆ NOV 11th | Mining v2, Combat & much more
Started by zProxxy



07 Feb 2023
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03 May 2024


today we are releasing STN v2.6. We put a bunch of work into it to make it more than just a mining update!



We updated some systems on our servers which should make connecting and playing on the server easier for all of you!

  • You may now connect to the server using
  • We updated our servers from 1.8 - 1.15 to 1.8 - 1.20.2
  • We changed our server icon


Mining is a large part of SurviveTheNight now. Before all you could do is mine our custom ores and forge better pickaxes.

We have implemented a whole custom mining system which gives certain ores more block hardness.
You may now spawn monsters from ores and even fight a boss.

Upgrading your pickaxe beyond diamond will now grant you up to 2 extra pickaxe properties, a nice little extra buff to your pickaxe!

  • Added a whole custom mining system
  • Added new pickaxe upgrades
  • Added pickaxe properties
  • Added Pickaxer 700
  • Added 3 new ores: Cordierite, Fossilized Drakgoo's Breath and Malachite
  • Added monsters to the caves (They may appear when mining)
  • Added a bunch of new mining questlines
  • and much more...

(You will have Mining Fatique in the mines! That effect is part of our mining system and will NOT affect your digging speed!)


Most skill-related (Mining & Combat) materials will now have an individual collection.
These collections will grant you a bunch of new recipes for new combat items, mining items, amulets or utility items in general.

Each collection goes up to level 5 with level 5 being pretty hard to reach.



The Spirals are a brand-new location behind the marketplace, to the left of the palace.
You can enter one of the deadly skulls and talk to a gatekeeper which teleports you into the Sewers.

The Sewers are a weird and very endgame area! All monsters are hunting for blood, therefore you have a time limit until you ran out of blood. Talk to the gatekeeper and she will tell you more about it!

Once in a while an Overgrown Golem spawns. It is not recommended to fight it by yourself!

The Sewers offer a whole new type of weapon: Se-Scythes!
These scythes come in 5 different rarities with each becoming stronger and better than the previous.

You can obtain them by talking to our friend the Scythe Master for some items, an upgrade orbie, the previous scythe and Sewer Tokens, a brand-new currency made for the Spirals.

Aswell as the Scythe Master, there is also a brand-new questline, which gives you a bunch of STN-Experience!

The Spirals can be entered once reaching STN-Level 8!


The Collector found her way into the world of STN.
She now lives in the Ancient Estate, a so far unused area close to the spawn.
You may enter that area once reaching STN-Level 2!

The Collector asks for many items which you may unlock by collections or which you may obtain from dungeons.

Once giving that item to her, she will imbue it with magic to copy it for her own collection.

Unfortunately that magic makes the item untradeable. But she will make up for it by giving you some STN-Experience.

The Collector very hard to max out as you can only choose between 3 items at once. Once giving an item that item is being replaced by the next randomized item.

Players do have the same item-pool but the order of items requested by the Collector is randomized!

Shown items are imbued with magic. This is what a magic-imbued item looks like:



Saliva's Brother made it out of the dungeon and now also lives in the back of the Ancient Estate.

He built up an entire upgrading station over the past years which you may use once giving an item to him.

In that upgrading station you can upgrade your dungeon gear. All you have to do is showing it to the Collector before.
You then may upgrade it for a very expensive price.

Upgraded pieces will receive a green P infront of the item name, a rarity upgrade, a bunch of extra stats and some of them will even buff their abilities or change their looks.
Upgrading a piece will also magic-imbue them, no matter if you showed to the Collector before or not.

Unfortunately upgrading dungeon items is extremely expensive. 
It requires a bunch of gold but also one of the previously unused relic-items from dungeon.


We want you to have something to do while either waiting for an event to happen or if you don't know what to do on STN at the moment, that's why we added daily quests!

There are 8 daily quests in total, 5 of them being global for the entire server and 3 of them being specific for the Sewers.
Daily Quests reset at midnight!

Daily Quests give you a bit of skill experience depending on the task and Daily Gems.

Daily Gems can be used to buy some useful items from the Daily Shop with one of them being a 2-day booster!


You can unlock the daily quests menu in your STN Menu by talking to one of the daily quest keepers at the spawn/in the spirals (Daily Quests NPC and Thalassa NPC)


We added a bunch of other global systems which are worth taking a look at!

Trading-System: While the auction house has not been implemented yet, you may trade with a player using our new /trade-System. That system also allows you to trade gold up to 10M and up to 16 items.

Fast Travel Stickmen: All over the world of STN you may find some floating stickmen. These are warps for our fast traveling system. You can unlock that system by completing Professor Brians quest at the spawn.

Experience-Menu: You may now take a look at EVERY task in STN that gives you STN-Experience. All you have to do is open up your /exp menu and click on the rainbow-colored orb in that menu.


Profile-System: Depending on your rank you may now create up to 4 STN Profiles. These profiles allow you to start the game again without losing your other profiles.
These profiles will track your creation date, your playtime and all of your quests.

Friends-System: Have you found nice chill people? You may now add them as a friend using the brand-new /friends-System. Once they accept you can see them in your friends list, message them and see whenever they join or leave the server.

Privacy Settings: The STN-Menu now offers a privacy settings menu (Iron Door in the top right corner). In that menu you can toggle which people can invite you to their party, add you as a friend, direct message you and which players can send you join/leave messages.



  • Added a bunch of new amulets
    • There now are 5 amulets which eventually will grant you a 100% chance for items to go directly into your inventory. Basically Auto-Pickup has been added
  • The Orb Of Remnants can now be charged outside of dungeons!
    • Take a look at the Absorber ability, it might have a new one related to that...
  • Added "Go Back" items to every menu
    • The "Go Back" item now replaces the "Close" flower if you opened the menu from a different menu
  • Dungeon chests now have a coin cost
    • Depending on their loot they may cost up to 60.000 Gold. This system has been implemented to stop players from running 300 dungeons a day and dump alot of dungeon loot into the game
  • 9 extra amulet bag slots can now be unlocked inside dungeons
  • 27 extra amulet bag slots can now be unlocked outside dungeons
  • Added consumable items to the STN-Menu
    • It now shows the duration of your Fish Buff (If you have one active) in the top left corner of the STN Menu
    • It now shows the durations of any active potions (If you have atleast one active) one slot next to the fish buff item in the STN Menu
  • Added the /flex-command which shows the item you are holding in chat.
    • This could also be useful for advertising items for sale
    • There is a 2 minute cooldown on the command per player
  • Added support for numbers such as 1.2m (instead of 1200000) in any menu 
  • Added support for "k", "m" and "b" when entering numbers
  • There now is a quick trade menu in the profile menu
  • Added a "Deposit All" and "Withdraw All" to the banker menu
  • Added an NPC sell limit
    • This limit is PER PLAYER, it is shared across all profiles.
    • The limit is getting a reset at midnight
  • Pickaxes now have Mining Skill requirements
  • When completing a dungeon it now shows your score in the completion message
  • Added new player stats:
    • Digging Speed: Increases the speed you mine blocks with in the mines
    • Vampirism: Grants you some life steal when killing monsters
    • Ability Tokens: Used when using most abilities, regenerate every 20s
  • Added skill levels as possible item requirements
  • Added more drops to redstone and lapis lazuli
  • Added the new Perfect rarity
  • Increased the Jungle area
    • Added some more trees
    • Added more zombie spawn locations
  • Added an UUID system for many items (This may lead into some items getting deleted once logging on for the first time if you played before!)
  • Item requirements now update on items. They disappear if you meet the requirement, they reappear if you don't meet the requirement.
  • Added an extra leaderboard for duo dungeon runs
  • When unlocking new regions in the STN world they now show in the level up message
  • Added skills leaderboards
  • Utility orbs now evaporate when running out of time
  • The Coal Miner now shows you a bunch of extra stats about ores once talking to him
  • Player Deaths are now being tracked
  • Added an untradeable tag for some items
  • Added more messages to Forger Leander
  • Poison effect is now being removed on death (hopefully)
  • Your profile age is now being tracked
  • A bunch of other stats are being tracked on your profile now
    • This is required for our security systems to work properly, nothing you have access to.
  • Increased the amount of dungeon instances
    • Solo: 3 -> 10
    • Duo: 2 -> 5
  • Added 2 guards to the palace blocking you from entering it


  • Absorber and Gemstone Blade ability no longer work through walls
  • Pickaxe Perks (Long Arm and Double Drop) can now be replaced by eachother
  • Changed the way dungeon score works (to make speedrunning a little bit less powerful)
  • Increased Foraging Expert Orb's range
  • Highly increased the respawn rates of monsters in the main lobbies
  • Dropped items can no longer be seen by other players nor can they pick them up
  • You can no longer take items out of dungeon chests if your inventory is full
  • Changed many region requirements:
    • Colosseum: STN Level 9 -> STN Level 14
    • The Roots: STN Level 14 -> STN Level 19
    • Spirals: STN Level 5 -> STN Level 8
  • Items no longer grant you their stats if you don't meet the requirements
  • Nerfed the unprestiged Saliva's Tear outside of dungeons: Regeneration II -> Regeneration I
  • Increased the limit of Gold in your purse/bank: 2.147B -> 9.223Q 
  • Changed Mining Skill rewards
  • Renamed some items
  • Increased the mining exp you gain from ores
  • Dungeon Gold got renamed to Dungeon Tokens so that there is no confusion when it comes to dungeon chest prices
  • Gold in the scoreboard is now displayed in a different way
  • Bonnie now donates items to her own bridge alot slower
  • Completely reworked STN Level rewards
  • Changed NPC prices of nearly every single item
  • Admins are no longer ranked in any leaderboard
  • Completely reworked the crafting system
    • This is a backend change, nothing you should notice. If you do, please report it!
  • Game Management item is now hidden if you don't have the admin rank
  • The RC rank no longer exists on the server but got replaced with the STN rank
  • Improved the system that detects if you have enough items for a certain quest in your inventory
  • Numbers are now formatted. They are either shortened (10M instead of 10000000) or have decimal points (10,000,000 instead of 10000000)
  • Made some item descriptions easier to understand
  • Updated some animations and descriptions of items inside dungeons to match the version of it outside of dungeons


  • Fixed the dungeon queue not sending you to a server if a dungeon instance is loading up
  • Fixed being able to deal almost 2x DPS to monsters while being mid-air
  • Fixed some items bought from dungeon loot chests not being transferred to the main lobby
  • Fixed rare dropped loot not despawning
    • It will now despawn after 30s
  • Fixed skills only giving one STN-Experience reward when leveling up 2 levels at the same time
  • Fixed some items not keeping their modifiers when upgrading it in the crafting table
  • Fixed some admin systems having issues handling non-admin players
  • Fixed some plants growing on the map
  • Fixed an issue with some UUID items being able to stack and getting deleted when crafting multiple of the same type at once
  • Fixed an issue with being able to use full set abilites when not wearing the set anymore
  • Fixed Bonnie not building the bridge (Hopefully)
  • Fixed the leaderboards causing lag spikes and server crashes when updating
  • Fixed dropped items being deleted when your inventory is full in some cases
  • Fixed not being able to break stone
  • Fixed Gemstone Blade and Absorber not triggering on "friendly" creatures
  • Fixed issues with some items not getting their player modifiers when switching servers
  • Fixed some FPS lags caused by too many particles of some item abilities
  • Fixed Unstable Medical Monitor and Healthy Orbs stacking their buffs on players
  • Fixed Foraging Expert Orb not overwriting the Beginner Orb's range if there is one nearby
  • Fixed some stats not having a % next to the amount in tooltips
  • Fixed an issue with the STN Experience leaderboard grabbing the current level instead of the highest across all profiles
  • Fixed double deaths if players are falling out of the world
  • Fixed the server not being able to handle your connection when spawning in some NPCs
  • Fixed player ranks sometimes glitching out
  • Fixed entities from taking damage which they shouldn't take
  • Fixed some duplication issues
  • Fixed colors in party messages
  • Fixed the Banker sometimes still asking for 64 gold ingots instead of 8
  • Fixed a bunch of typos


That is everything!

Keep in mind, this release is still an Alpha Release. Expect bugs to happen!
If you find any bugs, we would appreciate if you would report them using /bugreport!

We hope you enjoy the update, if we notice anything being unbalanced, we are gonna roll a follow-up patch as always!


  • Reworking the map and extending the jungle (GGJay)
  • Gamedesign (GGJay & zProxxy)
  • Bugtesting (lordotro, Fertid25, GGJay)
  • Playtesting (lordotro, Fertid25, GGJay)
  • Coding/Bugfixing (zProxxy)
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