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⦅STN v2.7.004⦆ FEB 26th | Balancing & Bugfixes (Update Day #2)


We just did some balancing and bugfixes, heres what we did:

General Changes:

  • The Winter Cave Event now lasts 4 hours instead of 12
  • Added a buyback history (Up to 10 items)
    • This history does NOT stay upon switching instances but DOES stay when closing the shop menu!
  • The marker tag now has a higher priority on armorstands that are part of the mining animations
    • This may not fix it but maybe stop resetting your block breaks atleast sometimes!
  • STN instances now send you to Limbo when you're joining an outdated server
    • For example: We roll an update and you join one of the updated servers and then try to log back to a not updated instance, this system would trigger and send you to Limbo.
    • Why? We noticed some possible issues with profiles connecting to outdated STN instances when they've already been on updated ones.
  • Server Reboots on Gameupdates are now scheduled differently

Balancing Changes:

  • Changed the spawnrate of Winter Creatures and Flying Monsters during the Winter Cave Event:
    • Winter Creatures now have the same spawnrate as Flying Monsters
    • Creatures in general now spawn 20% less common during the event
  • Se-Scythes Comet damage is now halved when outside of sewers:
    • Dull: 50% in Sewers, 25% outside
    • Blunt: 60% in Sewers, 30% outside
    • Sharp: 70% in Sewers, 35% outside
    • Extremely Sharp: 80% in Sewers, 40% outside
    • Razor-Sharp: 90% in Sewers, 45% outside
      • This change may seem harsh, however this ability deals percentage damage and completely ignores monster's defense. Therefore we had to change something about it, otherwise adding stronger mobs that are not bosses would be kind of impossible for us to do.
  • Malachited Ice Spikes now always drop between 2 and 6 Shiny Frozen Shards rather than being completely RNG based
  • Buffed the Cryo-Blast Scepter:
    • Added an extra +10% Explosion Damage
    • Added an extra +10% Magic Damage
    • Launched projectiles now ignore 50% of the monster's defense
  • Changed prices of most Ice-merged Trader's prices:
    • Cryo-Blast Scepter:
      • 8x Shiny Cryochunk -> 1x Compacted Coal-injected Squid & 1x Compacted Melting Metallic Fosh
      • 8x Obscure Cryochunk -> 6x Obscure Cryochunk
    • Defensive Wand:
      • 16x Shiny Frozen Shard & 64x Moody Cryochunk -> 7x Compacted Toxic Spider
    • Iced Shipping Fragment:
      • 64x Ice -> 96 Compact Ice
    • Mining Efficiency Potion:
      • 4x Bright Cryochunk -> 8x Bright Cryochunk
    • Broken Heart:
      • 8x Corrupted Redstone -> 6x Corrupted Redstone
      • 4x Obscure Cryochunk -> 1x Compacted Toxic Spider & 1x Compacted Ironic Golem
      • 32x Compact Ice -> 64x Compact Ice
    • Deadly Winter Fruit:
      • 1,500 Gold -> 1,000 Gold & 1x Compacted Coal-injected Squid & 1x Compacted Melting Metallic Fosh
  • Crystal Keepers are now slightly more common
  • Buffed Obscure Cryochunk dropchance: 25% -> 33%
  • Buffed Moody Cryochunk dropchance: 50% -> 67%
  • Changed the price of Timur's Burger: 1,500 Sewer Tokens -> 2,000 Sewer Tokens
  • Iced Shipping Fragment now sells items for 80% of their NPC value instead of the full price
  • Changed the price of Block Of Impression: 350 Daily Gems -> 500 Daily Gems
  • Changed the recipe for Creeper-dyed Flesh: 24 Corrupted Emeralds -> 4 Corrupted Emeralds
  • Increased the Life Time of any mining creature: 2min 30s -> 4min


  • Fixed being able to use the Miniaturized Portable Stickman in the Sewers
  • Scarlett now accepts any pickaxe above Tier 2 for her quest
  • Fixed Durable Ice Potions not working
  • Fixed Iced Shipping Fragment tag resetting upon switching instances
    • Basically you'd have to select an item again every time you're switching instances
  • Fixed Zephyr's Creeper Orb quest showing collected quests after donating the first 5 instead of immediately
  • Fixed magicimbued/upgraded Rabbit's Foot not giving Jump Boost when holding
  • Fixed some typos


These changes may not be final and there might be more balancing in the near future!

1 day ago
⦅STN v2.7⦆ FEB 25th | The Spells & Early Game Update


Today we are finally updating SurviveTheNight to a whole new version: 2.7!
This update was supposed to be a rather small update including a quest revamp and some balancing, it turns out to be one of the biggest update we've ever done though!

Let's go through the changes!


The STN Guide has finally received their own name: Scarlett!

Instead of just staying at spawn and giving you random quests, she now will actually guide you through the world of STN, go alot more into detail when it comes to important NPCs and what they do and she will give you many many more quests in general.

Just so you can imagine how detailed this quest is: Before the maxed STN Guide quest was at a value of 2. Now it's at 46!

Scarlett will walk together with you to different locations of STN, introduce you to their respective NPCs and give you a bunch of entertaining quests!
This quest will be something completely new, it should make STN feel a bit more alive!

Note: Even if you already completed the STN Guide questline before, you will have to do it AGAIN! You may use all your items though, so it shouldn't take long!


STN mostly relied on melee damage, which was affected by ⚔ Damage and ⚗ Force.
⌘ Ability Energy,
Ӂ Magic Damage and ☼ Explosion Damage have basically not been touched apart from the Absorber.

Therefore we decided to add a bunch of new Wands to the game! Wands are now a new item type, meaning they work different to melee weapons but deal a bunch of Magic Damage/Explosion Damage instead!

Wands can be obtained from many different sources: Events, Monster Kills, NPCs!



The Shroom area is a brand new area designed for early-game to mid/late-game combat!

This area contains 3 new creatures (scary shroomy monsters), each of them spawning in different places or under different conditions!

This area is mainly designed for early-game combat, therefore the monsters there don't give much combat experience.
However you may find creatures down there that have... let's say slightly more than 150 health!


We have added a whole new scheduled event to STN: The Winter Mining!
The event actually consists of two events: The Winter Cave Event and the Winter Mining Event.

Winter Cave Event:

This event is scheduled once every 5d 4h and lasts for 12 hours. During this event the entire cave turns into a winter cave. You may spawn 3 new winter creatures, obtain new ores and receive unique loot from already existing mining creatures.

Unfortunately the caves are frozen and the Obsidianized Drakgoo isn't feeling well there, so you cannot spawn it during this event.
Note: The new winter creatures spawn even without the Flying Monsters Mode, however chance of spawning them is much lower than with the mode selected!

Winter Mining Event:
At some point during the Winter Cave Event this event starts. It lasts for 1 hour and is an additional buff to mining. You have a chance to spawn 2x Flying Monsters, get more Digging Speed and Mining Fortune Efficiency and more!

If you want to learn more about the events, open your Calendar in your STN-Menu and click on "Event Descriptions"!


The Wooden Sword has received a complete rework.

You're no longer able to museum it, you're no longer able to buy it from the basic trader but are now able to buy it back from Jonah, a new NPC next to the Shroom area.

The Wooden Sword itself has been nerfed but it can now be upgraded 14x until it reaches it's very max tier which is extremely OP.

The sword now has a sword quest on it, which requires you to do certain things, kill certain mobs or infuse it with certain items.
Note: For this update only the first 3 tiers have been released, more will be coming with other major updates!


Consumables are a brand new item type: You may eat a limited amount of them to gain some STN Experience aswell as some cool permanent buffs to your profile!


These consumables can be obtained from many different sources, however they are overall quite hard to obtain!

There are 4 different consumables right now:

  • Timur's Burger
  • Incorrectly Configured Ice Crystal
  • Broken Heart
  • Deadly Winter Fruit

All of these consumables give STN Experience, slight stat buffs and some even some Amulet Bag Slots as we noticed it is kinda hard to reach STN Levels at a certain point to unlock more slots.

Since you may only eat a certain amount of them, you can now also check the amount of each consumable consumed in your Split STN-Experience Menu!


Zephyr has made his way into STN. Who is Zephyr? Well, he's a dude.

He's trying to complete his creeper orb collection, however he gave up on finding them himself. Instead he is looking for people to help him finding them and rewards them for every 5 orbs given to him with some really cool permanent stats and STN-Experience!

You are ready for it? Sure, go to Zephyr and he will tell you more about it.

You may view your progress on the quest and Zephyrs location in our brand new Questbook in the STN Menu.


Other things added:


  • Added a new player stat: ❤ Health
  • Added an amulet bag slot guide
    (You may now click on locked Amulet Bag Slots to open a guide which shows every way of unlocking new slots now!)
  • Added a new item related to Zephyr to Heated Rotten Flesh Tier 3
  • Added the Questbook
    • The Questbook is now unlocked by talking to Scarlett. It shows the 3 main questlines, your progress and you may even create temporary waypoints to their respective NPCs!
  • Added a Museum Reroll item to the Daily Shop
  • Added Next Page and Previous Page items to the Bank Storage Pages
  • Added item preview to Dungeon Item Upgrading
  • Added an extra ladder block to the diamond area in the mines
  • Added a UUID Check to items claimed from dungeons
  • Added an STN Exp Fixup
    • In case of any exp lost/you having more exp than you should have, this will now fix your STN Exp and set it to exactly what you're supposed to have.
    • In case any Amulet Bag slots are getting locked again due to a level decrease: Don't worry! The amulet will still be in the slot and simply just reappear when you unlock the slot again! 
  • Added a max. STN Exp amount to the Experience Menu
  • Added many new ways of getting amulet bag slots
  • Added a drop message to Ender's Pearls
  • Added two new ores: Ice & Malachited Ice Spike
  • Added Bestiary Unlock messages
  • Added new Utility Items tab to the Forger
  • Added a new type of anvil: Petrified Anvil
  • Added a Limbo Server System (AFK-Server)
  • Added a hologram above dropped items letting players know that drops can't be seen by other players nor picked up
  • Added a small kick cooldown on server reboots
  • Added Health Display below player names
  • Added new loot to the Overgrown Golem
  • Added 5 new amulets
  • Added 8 new items to the Collector
  • Added the Stroll AI back to creatures (They'll now walk around)
  • Added a new monster system which (finally!) allows us to add monsters that look like NPCs
  • Added a new Smuggler NPC somewhere...
  • Added a new Fisherman NPC somewhere...
  • Added some new security systems to staff members and staff-only servers

Balancing Changes:


  • Changed Dungeon Score required for S: 385 -> 365
  • Nerfed Obsidianized Drakgoo's Health: 600/400 -> 400/250
  • Potion effects now stay when switching instances, also their duration got increased
  • Made Not Spruce Tree soloable:
    • Slower Healing:
      • Life Steal Attack: every 3s -> every 6s
      • Health Generator Healing: every 8s -> every 11s
      • Health Generator Healing: 3 HP -> 2 HP
    • Slower Damage:
      • Life Steal Attack: every 3s -> every 6s
      • Tree Branches: every 3s -> every 6s
    • Less Damage:
      • Life Steal Attack: 3 damage -> 2 damage
      • Tree Branches: 4 damage -> 3.5 damage
    • Not Spruce Tree healing is capped at 133/266 health depending on the boss stage
      (These changes were made due to insufficient player base to actually make a world boss that requires multiple people as it has some important drops!)
  • Extended the duration of the Jungle Bridge: 10min -> 15min
  • Buffed the Overgrown Golem's Iron Bolt Attack
  • Inverted Monsters now have buffed stats (Health & Damage)
  • Made Inverted Monsters much rarer: 1/40 -> 1/120
  • Nerfed the Detection Blade: 4% -> 1.25%
  • Decreased the chance of spawning Enders
  • Buffed the Striking Bee Plushie
  • Buffed Unholy Ice:
    • Cooldown: 60s -> 10s
    • Effect Duration: 3s -> 5s
  • You're no longer able to damage other player's mining mobs with abilities
  • Renamed Double Drop Pickaxe Perk to Extra Drops
  • Buffed Extra Drops Pickaxe Perk: 50 Mining Fortune -> 75 Mining Fortune
  • Nerfed the amount of wood required for Lucián's Fox Axes and Sticks Recipe
  • Changed Inverted Burnt Ashes Collection Tier 4 from 2,000 -> 1,000
  • Changed Heated Rotten Flesh Collection Tier 4 from 2,500 -> 1,500
  • Odds for dropping Blood Fragments is now increased by the monster's level


Map Changes:


  • Added the Winter Cave
  • Added a bunch of new paths
  • Revamped the Shroom Area
  • Redesigned many buildings
  • Fixed alot of holes in walls/ground


Other things changed:


  • Dungeon Loot Chests now show the actual item and stats that you'd get outside of dungeons
  • Potions are now drinkable when aiming at a block
  • Completely changed the nametag design of creatures
    • Added different colors, added a heart icon for their health, added the monster's level
  • Made items still go into your inventory when they'd still fit instead of just checking for an empty slot
  • Rare Dropped items will now go directly into your inventory when they're stuck in a wall
  • Flying Monsters will now teleport to your location when they're inside a wall
  • You may now trade multiple Healthy Mushrooms at once
  • Changed Spirals Stickman location
  • Changed Inventory design of the Calendar and the STN Experience Menu
  • Made all Pickaxe Upgrade descriptions easier to understand
  • Dropped items on ground now despawn after 1min instead of 5min
  • Rare Dropped items on ground now despawn after 1min instead of 30s
  • Updated the dialogue of the Daily Quests NPC and made his english even worse
  • Changed Striking Bee Plushie to make it easier to understand
  • STN days now always begin/end at :20/:40/:00 IRL time rather than being random
  • The Calendar's upcoming events not only shows one of each event per STN year
  • Monsters now spawn even if nobody is in the region
  • Increased the AFK Timer: 5min -> 15min
  • Changed Event prefixes
  • Contugus is no longer stuck in a fence
  • Slowed down all of the NPC dialogues to make them more readable
  • Changed the color of Inverted Burnt Ashes to purple
  • Trading is now disabled once the server reboots
  • Extended Server Reboot duration when Jungle Bridge is built or Drakgoo is alive
  • Magical Fish is now a Consumable instead of a Utility Item
  • Changed some message prefixes
  • Changed the way databases work
    • They now store data when actually completing something instead just an overall save every 5min
  • Moved the Coming Soon NPC once again...


Other things fixed:


  • Fixed Guardian Fin not working properly
  • Fixed Shadow Defender's Shadow showing the wrong stats (Force instead of Damage)
  • Fixed swapping profiles and disconnecting wiping your profiles
  • Fixed not being able to upgrade axes when they're debarked
  • Fixed Overgrown Golem not damaging you when outside of the golem area
  • Fixed Wooden Pickaxe purchase only removing 150 Gold instead of 200
  • Fixed Bonnie's bridge not building sometimes (hopefully this time!)
  • Fixed Daily quests asking for 2 ores sometimes (hopefully)
  • Fixed NPCs having an empty hologram above their head
  • Fixed Healthy Mushroom Particles not being on ground but instead in the air no matter the y-level
  • Fixed the Absorber dropping multiple times from Saliva's Ghost Mobs
  • Fixed STN Hours last for 51s instead of 50s
  • Fixed some dungeon monster's health being displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed taking no fall damage below a certain y-level
  • Fixed some dungeon monsters not counting towards bestiary
  • Fixed Quest saying "Talk to STN-Guide" even though you have completed the quest
  • Fixed undamaged Greeater-Sko showing wrong HP
  • Fixed Obsidianized Drakgoo's loot being announced incorrectly sometimes
  • Fixed Jungle Bridge going into negative times
  • Fixed Prestiged Guardian Fin acting like a Magical Fish
  • Fixed some typos in Leander's Forgermenu
  • Fixed monster's hologram not being knocked upon death
  • Fixed Entity IDs in Dungeons
  • Fixed multiple typos


It is currently recommended to play in 1.8.9! You are able to login and play in higher versions, however our systems don't support higher versions just yet.
Playing on higher versions may cause some packets to not work as intended and you might see things differently, cannot interact with some things or might even get kicked from our servers!

We have updated databases to make them more secure! In case of any lost items, please create a bugreport with possible proof of you having that item.
If you can't prove it or you report it after 3 days+ we will not refund these items!



  • Map Changes: GGJay
  • Coding: zProxxy
  • Gamedesign: GGJay & zProxxy

That's it! Hope you enjoy the new update and as always: Please make sure to report any bugs you may find!


about 1 month ago
⦅STN v2.6.126⦆ JAN 3rd | Bankend Changes: Aftermath

Hello everyone!

The emergency maintenance will shortly be over and we are slowly allowing players to join again, starting off with players who got a rank.

I will go a little bit more into detail in that post, if you're not interested, you may skip to the conclusion section of this post!


As already said on discord and in our last patch, which you can read here our systems heavily rely on databases.
Databases store your data, they allow us to sync servers and add global features.

In order to gain access to that data our systems have to communicate with databases. They're grabbing a connection from our connection pool and then using that connection to transfer data. Usually it takes a couple milliseconds take long until our system gets a respond from our databases with the requested data after they sent one but in some cases these couple milliseconds turn into a couple 10s of milliseconds, sometimes in very rare cases even a couple 100s.

That lead into the servers having some lagspikes, as all of that data transfer was running on our main thread of the server, which you usually don't do.

That's when we decided to start working on the backend changes and at that time I also received several reports about lag. So we moved all of that data transfer to seperate threads, which don't impact the server's performance as much, they would still take their time to actually be done tho.

Yesterday - right after reopening the server from scheduled maintenance - we noticed something... odd with our item backend and profile backend, as they were saving items... weirdly if they were saving them at all and we decided to shut down our servers once again.

Why did it not save the items? That's a little bit more complicated, but the easiest way to say this, is: While the one server was saving the items to the database, the other server (where you connected to upon a lobby switch e.g.) was already loading the unfinished data from the old lobby.
That is caused by our way of storing items, which is probably done a bit poorly at the moment and we will look into that in Backend Change #2. Our current way of saving items takes up alot of resources and does take a couple 100 milliseconds.


We managed to find one dupe immediately, where you could sometimes duplicate items upon server switches, which also lead us into enabling emergency maintenance.
After experimenting alot with that, we eventually came to the conclusion that this is very likely caused by the fact that admins play the game in creative mode.

Creative mode behaves a little bit.. weird when it comes to GUIs (so basically inventories). It can bypass some blocked functions aswell as technically "duplicating" items.

Why do we think this is caused by the creative mode? I rolled back our STN System from before the backend changes and the issue still persisted. Therefore this dupe technically must've been in this game forever. Also we weren't able to replicate this dupe in any way after about 500 tries, while the dupe in creative took us like 5 tries to actually do.

Right after changing our databases to prevent the wipes (next section of this thread) I found more dupes. You were able to basically copy your Bank Pages, Storage and much more over to other profiles, effectively duping all of your items in a way our systems would never detect.

Systems affected by this:

  • Storage
  • Amulet Bag
  • Armorslots of the player's inventory
  • Bank Pages
  • Quest Progress
  • Sewer Data
  • and more...

Remember when I said that our database communication runs on a different thread now? Exactly that was the problem. Right when a player disconnects from the lobby, it doesn't have a static profile ID anymore and instead grabs the current profile from the database (which is always 100% up-to-date).

Due to the communication running on a different thread, the profile ID also got lost and the system grabbed the current profile ID from the database. So when switching profiles it grabbed the ID of the profile you're switching to and saving all the data of the previously played profile to the new active profile.


We also managed to find a wipe. Due to the fact that items take a bit longer to actually being saved to databases and due to the fact that the server you're connecting to wasn't waiting on the server you came from, the new server started loading in unfinished data.

Therefore when, for example you were moving a piece of Growing Ore from slot 3 to slot 36 the server you came from started saving the inventory. Saving seems to be much slower than loading, so the server you connected to already started loading in your items.

It noticed that slot 3 was empty now (since you moved the Growing Ore to slot 36), so it left the slot empty and moved on. Eventually it overtook the saving process and when it got to slot 36, the new data wasn't actually available in the database just yet. This lead into the server also not spawning in your Growing Ore on slot 36 as it hasn't been a thing on that slot before you joined the previous server.

Temporary solution: We implemented a Checksum to all inventories. Servers will now check the inventory's checksums before starting to load in items, the servers now make sure all slots are 100% up-to-date.

Unfortunately this required us to put the saving process back on the main thread of the server effectively readding a small amount of the lobby lags.

This is not a permanent (and actually a very poorly designed) solution for now and will have to get a rework with our second part of the backend change.


I am very sorry for this being an issue at the moment, issues like that should just not happen at all.

These temporary fixes unfortunately do affect the server performance a tiny bit.

Is it save to play on STN again? Unfortunately I'm gonna have to say no. While we did alot of testing and didn't manage to lose any of our data, this might just have been lucky and there might still be some flaws to our systems. Unfortunately we are not able to figure them out by ourselves though and they might start occurring when more players log on and merge their data to the new system.

BUT! We create backups of all of your data very frequently right now and we will be refunding any lost items/data, so please don't be afraid to play on SurviveTheNight! Even if something is getting lost, we can restore all of that data.

Also please make sure to create a bugreport (preferrably on discord) once you find a dupe or a wipe. Make sure to explain it as good as you can, so we can start working on a fix as fast as possible.

Probably none of the current fixes are permanent, as they were made within 12h and they might impact the servers performance a little bit.

Aswell as that, to refund the lost time of the Player Rewards, we extended their duration by an extra 24h, they will now expire on Jan 18th, 2024 - 00:00 CET!

If you have any further questions about the current situation, please feel free to ask me on discord. You may also ofc ask GGJay, he will do his best to answer your questions regarding this :)


Other things changed/added/fixed:

  • Fixed backend of the following systems:
    • Player Inventory
    • Player Storage
    • Player Amulet Bag
    • Bank
    • Sewers
    • Player Quest Progress
    • Profile Management
    • Playtime
    • Forge
    • Daily Quests
  • Changed some parts of our Anti Dupe system
  • Fixed new Rank Colors being outdated in death messages
  • Extended duration of Player Rewards by 24h

That's it!

about 1 month ago
⦅STN v2.6.118⦆ JAN 2nd | Player Rewards and Backend Changes


The maintenance on SurviveTheNight is now done, here's what we did:

This maintenance was mainly about backend changes - so basically changes to our systems running in the background and providing all the data STN servers need to work.

As already announced on Discord, I have received a bunch of bugreports over the past weeks saying that main lobbies lag every couple minutes for a few seconds.

After investigating I pretty much instantly found the problem. The problem was caused by 2 of our core systems:

  • Wipe Protection: This system saves all of your profile data such as inventories, gold, questprogress and much more every couple minutes directly to our databases. This basically leads into your profile not getting a 6h rollback in case of a server crash
  • Leaderboard Update: This system not only updates the giant leaderboard right behind the spawn, but also all the leaderboards in the menus such as Skills and Dungeon Stats.

Both of these systems communicate directly with databases to sync all of their data with the other servers - and that was causing the lag!
When we tested STN before it was public we didn't really experience issues like that as not many profiles were stored in databases.
Over the past months more and more people logged on, databases were used much more frequently by our servers and also had to store more data.

That obviously shouldn't be a problem but due to me being not smart enough to communicate with databases efficiently it easily became a problem!

The way our systems communicate with databases has been improved and we almost got rid of the massive lag spike the leaderboards were causing.
Unfortunately due to the amount of data your profile may contain there still is a very very short lagspike when the other system saves your profile.

Alot of players asked us in the past on how to get player ranks such as MVP or VIP+.

Some people got them by either GGJay or me as we gave them out manually to friends or people, who tested alot during our development phases.

Today we are introducing Player Rewards!
Player Rewards are some very unique rewards that are locked behind requirements ingame.
These rewards stay for a couple weeks and will then expire and most likely never come back but instead will be replaced by other items/features.

Current Rewards:

  • Free Lifetime Player Rank:
    • Requirement: Completing the Crazy Miner Questline
    • Description: Upon claiming this reward a random rank (MVP, MVP+, MVP++, VIP+ or VIP++) will be rolled and given to you. You will keep this rank forever!
  • High Level Boots:
    • Requirement: STN Level 15
    • Description: You will receive a pair of boots which have some nice little (customizable) particles while wearing. They come with an edition number and your name on them, which makes every single pair very unique.


These rewards will be available for the next 2 weeks (They will expire on Jan 17th, 00:00 CET), so go grab them while you can!

Other things changed/added/fixed:

  • Added the Appearance option to the privacy menu
    • This allows you to select the "Appear as Offline" status, which makes you invisible to all players (e.g. on their friendslist)
  • Lobby Selector NPC and Alpha Enjoyer NPC now have their own little area with the Player Rewards block next to the spawn
  • Leaderboards now show the total amount of players
    • e.g. "#1 out of 100 players."
  • Your STN ranking is now shown on the STN Experience item in the STN menu
  • The Coal Miner no longer tells you his dialogue over and over again after talking to him once
    • He opens up the Block Hardness menu immediately after speaking to him once.
  • The Alpha Enjoyer reward is now only claimable once per profile instead of once per lobby instance
  • Fixed the dungeon scoreboard not checkmarking the BOSS Key after picking it up
  • Moved the "Coming Soon" NPC a little bit
  • Moved the Bestiary item to the Skills menu
  • Changed the Server ID of dungeon instances from stn-... to gdi-...
  • Changed prefix of the following ingame ranks:
    • Admin (Red -> Dark Red)
    • Moderator (Blue -> Red)
    • YouTube (Changed the order of colors a little bit)
    • STN (Dark Blue -> Blue)
  • Added number formatting to item values in shops
  • Patched and reworked some internal systems (e.g. Ban System)
  • Fixed a bunch of typos

That is everything for now!
Please report any bugs or lags if you notice some (There are still lags especially when joining lobby instances!).
Also please make sure to check your items (EVERYWHERE!) and see if they are corrupted and look like this:


There will be another (even bigger) Backend Change after the Early Game update which is very much required in order to start working on bigger updates such as Fishing.


2 months ago
⦅STN v2.6.100⦆ DEC 17th | Bestiary, Calendar and more!


Today we rolled another update to STN, let's go through it!

Quick information: This update was supposed to be an early game revamp including a new combat area, the STN Guide revamp and more, unfortunately we had to split this update into two parts due to unforeseen backend issues. The new combat area and STN Guide revamp will release at a later date!

Have you ever wondered which creatures in STN got which stats and which loot?
No problem, we got you!

The Bestiary Menu can be found in your STN Menu on the right side, next to the Amulet Bag shortcut!

Once opened, you may choose between 4 categories: Forest, Dungeons, Mines and Spirals
Each of these category contains their respective creature types.
In order to actually view the stats of the creature, you will have to kill the creature atleast once.


Bestiary data not only contains the loot you may drop from the creature, but also the odds for it, general creature's stats such as health and defense, how often you have killed the creature and how much skill exp you gain on kill.

STN ingame time is now officially a thing and is the same on each server!
The Level progress display in the scoreboard now has been replaced with the current ingame date aswell as the time of the current day.

Opening your STN Menu will now allow you to view the calendar.
By hovering over the clock you may now see all events happening on the current STN day aswell as the exact time on when they are happening.

Clicking on the clock will open up an event menu showing 7 upcoming events.

You don't know what the events do? Don't worry, you can find descriptions of all scheduled events in the brand new Event Descriptions menu!
You can read where the event takes place, aswell as what you can do during the event.
Note: There is currently only 1 scheduled event (Forest Storm Event), more will be added with upcoming updates!

Clicking on the clock in the events menu will open up the actual calendar. You can view the entire year with all its scheduled events aswell as our 4 seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Information about the calendar system:
A day has 24 hours (12:00am - 11:00pm), each hour lasts for 50 seconds, therefore a whole STN day lasts for 20min.
There are 4 seasons, each season having 93 days (So don't worry if you see something like Summer (90th) in the scoreboard, that is intended!)
A whole STN year has 372 days and lasts for 5d 4h.

We decided to put more player stats into the game making damage calculations and other aspects of the game a little bit more interesting:


  • ⚗ FORCE: Force is a brand new damage stat. It is used in the formula of explosion damage aswell as melee damage and multiplies your damage.
  • ⌘ ABILITY ENERGY: Ability Energy is a stat which not only increases your magic damage but also reduces the Ability Token regenerate cooldown by up to 15s.
  • ♧ COMBAT FORTUNE: Combat Fortune increases the odds of you dropping rare loot from monsters. This stat does NOT affect loot that has a base chance of 1/49 or higher, nor does it affect boss loot.
  • ♧ MINING FORTUNE: Mining Fortune increases the amount of ores you're dropping per oreblock. Every 100 Fortune you gain +1 guaranteed ore.
    Note: Extra drops do count towards collection but don't give mining exp!
    • Mining Fortune has a base efficiency of 60%, meaning your total mining fortune will be multiplied by 0.6 by default as we didn't want to destroy the current money/hour rates. There will be ways to increase its efficiency in a later update tho!

Player stats also have been reordered on items. Aswell as that only the core stats are being displayed in your STN Menu now instead of all of them.

Clicking on your head will now open up a menu where you can select a category of stats.


Other things changed/added/fixed:

  • Made Ender's Pearls stackable
  • Fixed the Vitalization Artifact only giving 4 Vitalization instead of the said 15
  • Fixed Dungeon Boss Knight Kills not being tracked correctly
  • Fixed being able to infinitely dupe creatures and their loot
  • Fixed not being able to kill undead monsters with your fist
  • Added the +50% Speed to Joseph's Mining Suit Boots to match with the Starter Boots
  • Fixed Dungeon Score being displayed incorrectly in dungeons
  • Added a message to the Crazy Miner actually letting you know about the additional +20 Digging Speed you're getting from donating ores to him
  • Adjusted the actual radius of Horror Zombie's Lightning Circles
    • The particle displayed a 3x3 circle, the actual damage circle was 10x10, this has been adjusted to the particle circle size.
  • Fixed redstone and lapis being handled weirdly by mining fortune
  • Fixed redstone and lapis' extra drops dropping on the ground instead of going into your inventory
  • Fixed the Coal Miner showing wrong soft caps for T6 ores (Tannie, Raxite, Boxinite)

That's everything! Enjoy playing!